Virtual Nursing Clinical Simulations

Virtual Nursing Simulations

There’s a new world for nursing education, populated with virtual communities that elevate learning to an interactive, immersive experience. Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town® virtual nursing simulations cultivate excellent nursing skills, inspire critical thinking and allow faculty to focus on teaching.

  • Practice and perfect interviewing, observation, assessment and care planning skills
  • Eliminate risk to patients, students and facilities
  • Earn simulated clinical hours and practice experience
  • Cope with clinical placement challenges and improve faculty time management
virtual clinical simulation for nursing

Virtual Nursing Scenarios

We use gamification and adaptive learning techniques to reinforce didactic instruction, simulation lab sessions and clinical placements. Our portfolio of online nursing scenarios helps everyone in the nurse education “ecosystem” more easily achieve their goals.

  • Aligns with QSEN competencies, AACN BSN Essentials and NCLEX categories
  • Integrates into ADN, BSN and RN-BSN nursing courses, capstone projects and other clinical training programs
  • Ensures consistent measurement and controlled outcomes


Our Virtual Clinical Scenarios were named Finalist in the 2020 EdTech Awards for the following categories:

Patient Management and Delegation

  • Games for Learning/Simulation Solution
  • Professional development Learning Solution

Prioritization of Care 2 (Clinic Versions) 

    • Skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) Solution

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