Nurses are trained to carefully observe symptoms, listen to patients and use empirical data to decide a course of action. Healthcare Learning Innovations, a division of American Sentinel University, was founded based on that same methodology. As members of American Sentinel with a penchant for new ventures, we recognized that virtual clinical simulations and online nursing scenarios could supplement what’s learned in classrooms, simulation labs, and “real-world” clinical training. Furthermore, we were confident we could help the healthcare industry overcome critical challenges around nursing shortages, nurse educator shortages, and accelerating costs at colleges and universities.

About Us

Healthcare Learning Innovations is transforming nursing education with a portfolio of unique, immersive, gamified virtual nursing simulations that accelerate learning and improve critical decision-making. The organization’s flagship products – Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town®, as well as a portfolio of virtual clinical nursing scenarios are developed in collaboration with expert nurse educators.

Today, we enhance and expand our portfolio of cloud-hosted software as a service (SaaS) solutions. We watch industry trends, listen to nurse educators and students, and track technology innovations, always ready for the next “aha” moment that will enable us to turn what we see, hear and research into valuable nursing education solutions.

Our Mission

Provide a comprehensive digital portfolio of virtual clinical nursing simulations and scenarios that are engaging, effective and economic, so that healthcare educators can address critical learning issues, regulatory and cost pressures, while improving learning outcomes.