Online learning isn’t new, but online nursing simulations and scenarios are new to nursing education. Healthcare Learning Innovations’ innovative gamified platform lets nurse educators integrate virtual learning to the degree that works for their program.

Virtual Clinical Simulations

Our immersive simulations transport nursing students into urban and rural communities where they are exposed to diverse lifestyles and health issues encountered in population health and community health nursing. They get a holistic perspective and associate what’s learned from textbooks to the real world by evaluating a diverse population within a cultural, economic and sociological context.

Virtual Clinical Scenarios

We’ve created a safe environment for students to sharpen skills before and after they work with manikins or patients in clinical rotations. They practice and perfect acuity assessment, care prioritization, patient management, delegation and care planning in settings such as the ER and ICU, in specialties including pediatrics and mental health.


Improve Nursing Education – Teach more effectively. Immerse students in interactive, risk-free online nursing scenarios and virtual clinical simulations that deliver timely feedback and leverage adaptive learning methods.

Facilitate Self-Paced Learning – Virtual clinical simulations allow students to break down topics, focus on problem areas, and tackle new levels of difficulty as they master each skill. Gamification engages, rewards mastery, and identifies shortcomings.

Address Barriers to Clinical Placement – Nursing students earn simulated clinical hours, reducing the pressure on nurse educators to arrange and monitor clinical placements.

Cut Costs and Resource Requirements – Leveraging cloud-hosted software that scales, colleges and universities can control costs for nursing education and operation while reaching more students with engaging distance learning.

Faculty Resources. We support our faculty with rich resources:

  • Faculty Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Dashboard Training Guide
  • Assignment Catalog
  • Family Support Care Plan Completed Form
  • Family Support Assessment Form
  •  Apartment Assessment Form
  •  Nursing Diagnosis Report
  • FAQ

"Natalie’s attention to detail and great customer service is why we picked this program."

- Denise Johnson-Dawkins, DNP, MSN, RN, CNL California State University, Bakersfield - Simulation and Skills Labs Director, Assistant Professor

"I focused many assignments on vulnerable populations such as veteran homeless, homeless & LGBTQ teens, migrant farm workers, and mental illness. I created assignments in both Sentinel City & Town where the students did informant interviews of certain characters that led into future course assignments and based on vulnerable populations and relevant social determinants of health."

Misty Watts, DNP, MSN, RN Faculty IV, BSN Program Coordinator Baptist School of Health Professions

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