There’s no “one size fits all” in nursing. Nursing students need to develop interviewing, observational and documentation skills when they aren’t in a hospital or clinic.

Healthcare Learning Innovations created our Family Support and Home Assessments with Care Plan, so students can practice psychosocial assessment and charting techniques before venturing into potentially risky environments. Students interview a single mother and virtually walk through the family’s home to identify potential environmental, health and safety hazards. Family support and home assessment observations are recorded to rationalize their diagnosis and build a care plan that puts everyone involved on a path to better physical and mental health.

Family Support and Home Assessments with Care Plan Online Nursing Scenarios
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  • Applicable to pre-licensure (ADN and BSN), RN to BSN, and community or public health related nursing programs
  • Students can earn 5-10 simulated clinical hours and practice experience
  • Family Support and Home Assessment with Care Plan maps to AACN BSN Essentials
  • Exposes student to issues associated with drug use, low income, neglect, home safety and more
  • Can be used with other Sentinel World® products, or independently ( pediatrics, mental health, case management, etc.)
  • Learners practice observation skills, critical thinking, clinical recommendations and rationale
  • Creates a consistent base-evaluation for faculty

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