Charge Nurses make truly critical decisions about patient care according to acuity levels and available resources. Patient Management and Delegation nursing scenarios feature 56 patients and five levels of progressively more complex acuity, delegation and caseloads. It puts the student into the role of Charge Nurse, which calls for “big picture” insight required to match nurses with patients according to each nurse’s experience, record of efficiency and overall caseload.

Working from SBAR handoff reports and staff nurse details, students prepare to take on high levels of responsibility and learn to plan, coordinate, and evaluate nursing resources.

Patient Management and Delegation
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  • Aligns to AACN BSN Essentials, QSEN Competencies, and NCLEX categories
  • Students can earn 4-6 simulated clinical hours and practice experience
  • Applies to various pre and post-licensure courses – leadership, Management, Capstone, Clinical Make-Ups, etc.
  • Remediation provided immediately for each decision
  • Allows for more than one solution; varies based on mix of patients/nurses/acuity
  • Delegate patient care to nursing assistants to lighten the load on the primary nurse assigned
  • Intuitive reporting allows faculty to easily track student activity, verify student integrity

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