Nurses know that each day brings unexpected situations requiring quick thinking. Our Prioritization of Care nursing scenarios help students build decision-making confidence by working through progressively more difficult patient assessment and prioritization of care assignments. Students determine if a patient should go to an emergency room, urgent care, inpatient or outpatient mental health treatment or pediatric specialty care.

Prioritization of Care online nursing scenarios feature 40 unique patients with symptoms ranging from early stage heart failure and respiratory distress to orthopedic pain and depression. Students first record vital signs, interview, then chart observations and rationale in SBAR format. Students then prioritize patients for treatment. Remediation is immediately provided, success earns achievement badges and students learn at their own pace.

Prioritization of Care video
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  • Applies to pre and post-licensure nursing courses and clinical training programs
  • Aligns to AACN BSN Essentials, QSEN Competencies, and NCLEX categories
  • Students can earn 4-6 simulated clinical hours and practice experience
  • Contains 9 skill categories including cardiac, respiratory, neurology, genitourinary, pediatrics, mental health care and more
  • Faculty and students can generate reports identifying their strengths and weaknesses
  • Includes faculty guide, in-simulation assignments
  • Standard “high-stakes” version allows one or two attempts before grading; “low-stakes” practice version enables unlimited, self-paced drills.

Prioritization of Care 2®  

Based on popular demand, Prioritization of Care 2 offers students more opportunity to practice their critical thinking decision-making skills and earn 4-6 simulated clinical hours and practice experience. This Virtual Clinical Scenario features all the benefits of Prioritization of Care – with new, in-demand skill categories, settings and achievement badges.

  • 50 total patients and five levels of increasingly difficulty
  • Significant focus on Mental Health / Psych, Drugs / Alcohol and Women’s Health patients
  • Highly requested settings including a Behavioral Health Clinic, Home Clinic, Jail Clinic, Women’s Health Clinic and Pediatric Clinic

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