Build knowledge, skills and confidence in a gamified environment that motivates and makes learning fun. Virtual clinical scenarios sharpen evaluation and decision-making, while becoming progressively more challenging with each step. Achievement badging rewards success, and the student dashboard tracks activities. With a portfolio of online nursing scenarios to choose from, nurse educators can easily integrate them into related courses and curricula.

Prioritization of Care®

Virtually “examine” patients, record vital signs and practice clinical judgement and decision-making skills. Students prioritize patient needs, sort patients into two levels of care for treatment and provide rationale for their decisions.

Prioritization of Care
Patient Management and Delegation

Patient Management and Delegation®

Acting as the Charge Nurse, practice making management and delegation decisions based on handoff reports, acuity levels and available nursing resources using virtual clinical scenarios.

Family Support and Home Assessment with Care Plan

Combining interactive interviews and an immersive avatar “walking” through a family’s apartment, learn how to assess families with a holistic perspective that includes their day-to-day living environment.

Family Support and Home Assessment with Care Plan

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