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This is about as close to “real world” nursing as you can get online. Sentinel World virtual clinical simulations are purpose-built for nurse educators. Each includes a faculty guide, catalog of suggested assignments, grading rubrics and many other faculty resources. We streamline curricula development that challenges and rewards nursing students in a gamified learning environment.

Interactive, rich with demographic detail and fun to work through, students can earn simulated clinical hours while faculty closely track participation and outcomes.

  • AACN Essentials mapping and grading rubric

  • Faculty dashboard to monitor student participation, verify student integrity and consistently measure

  • Student and faculty portals provide access to supporting educational resources

  • 24/7/365 support (phone, live chat, email)

Virtual Clinical Simulations
Sentinel City® Urban Community for Population Health Nursing

Sentinel City® Urban Community for Population Health Nursing

Imagine learning population health nursing by exploring a virtual city with a diverse population, “walking” through neighborhoods with distinct character, and “talking” with a virtual intelligent agent (chatbot) mayor ready to share city system information. That’s Sentinel City.

Sentinel Town® Rural Community for Population Health Nursing

Rural populations have a special set of needs. We’ve built Sentinel Town to expose students to the unique healthcare requirements of people living in the heartland and remote regions of the U.S.

Sentinel Town® Rural Community for Population Health Nursing

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