Underserved, aging and sometimes poor, the people in rural regions present healthcare challenges distinctly different from what population health nurses experience in cities. Sentinel Town® is our virtual rural community specifically designed to help nursing students master assessment and intervention planning that makes an impact in rural communities.

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Each trip into Sentinel Town rural community is a unique adventure. Faculty can choose from a variety of assignments to drive desired learning outcomes. Students have the opportunity to practice dealing with a health environment, without leaving home. Like all our products, Sentinel Town gives nurse educators a supplemental teaching tool for nursing education texts at pre-licensure (ADN and BSN), and post-licensure (RN-BSN) programs.

Sentinel Town® Rural Community
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  • 17-plus assignments aligned to AACN BSN Essentials, with complete assignments and grading rubrics that allow tailoring for specific course goals
  • Students can earn simulated clinical hours and practice experience
  • 10 locations with unique data and demographics
  • 5 community citizens, exposing students to a variety of case studies
  • 7 key informants providing community subsystem information
  • Camera” and notes wizard for recording observations; name and date-stamped to verify student integrity
  • Faculty dashboard provides insight into student capabilities and progress
  • Faculty Resource Portal includes faculty guide, assignment catalog, FAQs and dashboard guide
  • Student Resource Portal includes quick start guide, FAQs, video, diagnosis and assessment forms

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