Here are just a few ways our client schools have integrated our award-winning virtual clinical simulations into their curricula.​

Sentinel World® Use Cases

  • Windshield Survey – Students focus on one neighborhood or all four neighborhoods within Sentinel City® urban simulation and compare/contrast them with the student’s local (real-world) neighborhood. Other options are to create an assignment in which students compare/contrast Sentinel Town® rural community with Sentinel City urban environment or compare/contrast Sentinel Town’s rural environment with student’s local (real-world) neighborhood.
  • Family Support Assessment – Nursing students can use the nursing process applied to the family as their client. For this learning activity, students collect, analyze and synthesize data from a variety of sources to gain an understanding of family strengths, values and needs. They relate that information to physical and social determinants of health, to promote the family’s health and well-being.
  • Home Safety Assessment and Care Plan – In this assignment, a student “walks” around home via an avatar and identifies health issues and concerns that impact an individual or family, with the intent of addressing health promotion and disease prevention. As a last step, the student pulls everything together into a care plan.
  • Community Health Subsystem Assignments – To better understand the type of services typically offered in community or population health, a student chooses one of the eight subsystem assignments – such as Health and Social Services, Education, Recreation, Safety and Transportation, etc. – using resources within and outside Sentinel City, then writes a paper on their research.
  • Create a Public Service Announcement – Based on a typical community health issue or initiative, the student is tasked with writing radio copy, creating a billboard, or developing a video to be used as part of a public service announcement.
  • Day Care Emergency Scenario – Preparing for an active shooter event is essential. In this use case, a situation involving a gun is occurring at the Sentinel City daycare center. Students assess the situation to determine appropriate considerations for an emergency response plan by addressing the response and recovery phases of disaster/emergency situation management.
  • Population-Focused Interventions in a Rural Community – Students identify health issues or concerns that impact a specific population group living in a rural setting, with the intent of addressing health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Emergency Preparedness  Flooding in a Rural Community. According to the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States and worldwide, accounting for 43% of all disaster events. In this use case, students address emergency management preparedness. They identify challenges specific to addressing emergencies in rural communities and develop an emergency response plan in the event of a flood in Sentinel Town.
  • Urban versus Rural Compare Contrast. Enhance critical thinking skills by examing similarities and/or differences between assets and resources in urban and rural communities.

 Virtual Clinical Scenario Use Cases

  • Assignment in an RN-BSN Capstone course
  • Practice for NCLEX
  • Assignment in nursing leadership course
  • Assignment in Nursing Fundamentals course
  • New nurse employee training at hospital
  • Charge Nurse preparation training at hospital